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How to Hookup Online With Hot Chicks: Our Expertise. Your Benefit

We love helping guys get laid. Especially guys that don’t know how to attract women. That’s where we were a few years ago…clueless. We were so clueless about women that the only way any of us could get laid was by screwing the nastiest, most desperate chicks. And, yes, that’s exactly what we did back then. But now we’re doing it bigger…and not doing bigger!

After much frustration (who really wants to bang nasty chicks?) that our sex lives were lacking, we started doing some research on women and what they’re looking for. Our first hook up strategy was the famous pickup artist style for meeting women. We’d walk into a bar (dressed like douchebags, of course), try and get smooth with hot random girls and hope to walk out of their with digits, if not hot chicks.

If you go the pickup artist route you will be using the WORST hook up strategy imaginable…

routine. We learned that all of those pickup artists out there are completely full of crap. Women are turned off by this act. They don’t like a guy to try too hard to act smooth. It comes off as arrogant, not cocky. So do NOT listen to anyone that tries to convince you to use pickup artist strategies.

Instead, use our hookup tactics (read more here). After we failed – like everyone else does – at the pickup artist routine, we went back to the drawing board. Being average guys, we knew getting laid isn’t as easy as if we were better looking. But we also know that shouldn’t stop us from hooking up with good looking broads. We see hot chicks with average looking dudes all the time.

So we changed up our game and tried something different. The first step was to use online hookup sites. It’s not easy for the average guy to get laid in bars and clubs, so why not try the Internet? We found 14 of the most popular adult hookup sites and then 1 married dating site to start with. Only a handful of them were worth our time because the others were scams. Each site was given equal opportunity and was reviewed by 5 guys over 3 months. Despite 10 of the sites being mediocre, we learned average guys (well, all guys) CAN hook up with some VERY attractive ladies easily.

You need a methodical, planned out approach to hooking up with chicks…

Even if you use one of the best hookup sites, there’s no guarantee you will get laid. That’s where we can really help you out. We wrote a How to Hookup Online Guide, filled with information about what women look for in a sex partner, creating the most appealing profile, and many other tips for hooking up with HOT women. We’ll show you the exact same methodical approach we took to meet women online. If it worked for us, we’re sure it will work for you.